is the safest online ticket marketplace that operates Europe wide. On this platform you can easily sell and buy electronic tickets, as well as vouchers.

Safety is our number 1 priority, therefore we check every single ticket submitted. We also check the sellers. It is only possible to submit a ticket, if the seller joins with a valid Facebook profile. We also have the banking data of the seller, so we can be sure about the identity of the seller. We offer 100% money guarantee for buyers, if anything would be wrong with the ticket. But 99,9% of time it is not the case and everything is OK with the tickets. We transfer money to ticket sellers only after the event, therefore completely reducing fraud risk.

This platform is does only support fan to fan sales with fair and honest prices of tickets. This means that maximum increase of the price is limited to 30% when compared with initial price of the ticket. This is the reason, why there are no scammers or ticket touts on

Ethical marketplace also means that we do not have hidden fees or costs. It is completely free of charge to submit a ticket. When a ticket is sold, we charge 5% commission both from the seller and from the buyer.